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Berkshire Pigs

Berkshire Pigs on Pasture

Our Pigs Live a Great Life

Raised on pasture and in the forest, our Berkshire pigs live a great life. They breathe fresh air, drink fresh water, and eat naturally. Our pigs benefit from this low-stress environment and produce more nutritious and flavorful meat than pigs raised in other ways. Search the Internet for the benefits and increased nutrition of pastured pork and you’ll find many articles and studies that support this claim. We take great pride in knowing that what we feed our own family is better than what we can buy at the grocery store.

When our pigs aren’t eating pasture, foraged walnuts, fruits and vegetables grown on our farm or something that they root out of the Earth, they are fed a well-balanced, Non-GMO feed. Our feed is locally sourced within a 65-mile radius of our farm.

Growing Healthy Pigs and Pastures with Rotational Grazing

Berkshire Pigs on Pasture

Pigs thrive when they have clean and interesting places to forage and root. A pig loves nothing more than to push its nose into whatever smells interesting, and then eat it or at least try to. Given this behavior, we move our pigs as often as it makes sense. We keep a close watch on their paddocks (controlled grazing area) and food supply. If the pigs are left in one area too long, they will destroy and dig up the entire area. Observing our breed and terrain is what has truly taught us. Sometimes two weeks in one area is good; other times it is only a few days.