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Blackbelly Sheep

A Distinguished Heritage Breed

Blackbelly Lamb at Ritter Farm

In our quest to find and raise sheep we wanted to find a breed that excelled at foraging, possessed a high resistance to worms and other parasites, and produced a high-quality meat. Many of these genetic traits are unique to heritage breeds. When we discovered Blackbelly with its exceptional genetics, pleasant demeanor, and visual beauty, we found the breed for our farm.

Our sheep are raised for meat, not wool. Blackbelly sheep don’t have wool, but rather hair similar to a lion’s mane. Blackbelly are slow growing and produce a mild-flavored, lean meat. Customers have commented that the flavor pleases even the pickiest eater.

Blackbelly Lamb at Ritter Farm

Our sheep spend their time in our pastures and woodlands. Blackbelly sheep are great foragers and thrive in this kind of environment. Grass is their main source of food although during winter months they are fed locally-sourced, Non-GMO hay and feed. We rotate our sheep between several pastures throughout the year to minimize their impact on the terrain and to provide fresh forage.

Born and Raised on Our Farm

Blackbelly Lamb at Ritter Farm
Blackbelly Lamb at Ritter Farm
Blackbelly Lamb at Ritter Farm
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