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Kosher King

Kosher Kings on Pasture

We raise this breed of chicken for its instinctual desire to forage and thrive on pasture. The Kosher King is a slower-growing chicken, renown for being one of the most flavorful meat birds. Kosher Kings are a cross between the Sussex and Barred Rock and vary slightly in their coloration. Most have barred feathers and are a combination of black, white, and tan in color.


Kosher King on Pasture

Kosher Kings are hardy birds that are highly active on pasture. This fits in with our pasture management practices, in that they agitate the soil, keep the insects in check, and fertilize as they go. We raise them seasonally, spring through fall, and plant nutrient dense forage in their pastures.


Chicken Tractor

Raising birds on pasture next to the Patapsco State Park can prove challenging due to the large number of predators that live on and around our farm. Our chickens are housed on pasture in large, portable houses that are partially covered to provide shelter. The housing is surrounded by electric netting fence as an extra layer of protection. The houses are moved according to the disturbance to the pasture caused by the birds; larger birds must be moved more often than younger chicks.