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Our Farm

The earth is turned by shovel, rake, and snout. The taste of wild mint in the air.
Hogs in the glen, shaded by Sycamores, root walnuts and worms alike.
Boulders, rocks, and stones decide on the hillside.
Grass is cut by teeth of sheep where feathers drift nearby.
On top the hill, bound by two streams, and atop the river, stands Ritter Farm.

Our Life, Our Passion

Food is essential to life. Life is essential for food. Therefore, we farm.

  • We practice organic and Non-GMO farming.
  • We grow fruit and vegetables the way nature intended.
  • We raise animals humanely in a natural and safe place.
  • We pursue the highest quality and flavor in our food.

The sunrise greets us every morning. So do our children, chickens, ducks, pigs, sheep, and dogs. Feed the kids. Feed the animals. There’s always a mouth to feed. And we always eat well.

We invite you to discover the food we eat and grow.

In The News

Local farms getting busier as coronavirus cases increase at poultry, meat plants – WBAL11 TV
Michael and Laura Ritter’s small organic farm in Howard County has been growing leaps and bounds over the past several weeks as more people look for alternative ways to buy proteins, like meat and poultry.

Ritter Farm was invited to be the founding member for the HSUS Maryland Ag Advisory Council. We are exceptionally proud to be recognized by the Humane Society of the United States, Rural Affairs Division and able to participate in a program that promotes animal welfare.

Ritter Farm was  featured in an AARP video on Eating local, Farm to Table in Sykesville. View the video.