Berkshire Picnic Roast
Berkshire Picnic Roast
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Berkshire Picnic Roast


  • Non-GMO, Pasture-raised Berkshire Picnic Roast
  • Not smoked, No nitrates, antibiotics, or added hormones
  • Raised on our Small Family Farm
  • Sometimes called Picnic Ham or Arm Roast
  • Excellent for pulled pork or carnitas

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Our Berkshire Picnic Roasts are great for pulled-pork, carnitas, or pork barbecue.

Indulge in the superior quality and celebrated flavor of Berkshire Pork. Also known as Kurobuta, Berkshire Pork is preferred by chefs worldwide. Its quality rivals Kobe beef. Berkshire pork has a rich, deep pink color and is tender, juicy, and finely marbled. If you’re looking for the best tasting pork you’ve ever had, you’ve come to the right place.

Humanely raised on pasture and in the forest bordering the South Branch of the Patapsco Valley State Park. Our heritage breed pigs are raised on an all-natural diet consisting of local Non-GMO feed, pasture, foraged walnuts, and fruits and vegetables grown on our farm.

Learn about our Berkshire pigs

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