Whole Blackbelly Lamb – Reservation


Looking for custom butchering? Do you need specialty cuts to meet your culinary endeavors? Or are you just looking for popular cuts such as lamb chops, leg of lamb, rack of lamb, and tenderloins? We ensure that your order is exactly what you want.

  • Grass-fed, All-natural, Non-GMO Lamb
  • Great source of Omega-3 fatty acids
  • Mild-flavored and lean
  • Raised on our Small Family Farm
  • See Description below for Full Pricing Details
  • Available for pickup on the Farm.
  • Offal is available by request.
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Humanely raised on pasture and in the forest bordering the South Branch of the Patapsco Valley State Park. Our lambs are raised on an all-natural diet consisting of pasture and local Non-GMO feed.

Cost of a Whole Lamb

The following table is an example of what an average whole lamb costs.

Item Quantity Unit cost Line Total
Whole lamb 45 (lbs.) 7.95 357.75
Butcher 45 2.44 110.00
 Deposit 1 100.00 -100.00
Subtotal:                       367.75
Total:                       $367.75

Additional information

Deposit only

The deposit is to reserve a whole pig. The amount due at the time of purchase will be determined by the hanging weight.

1 review for Whole Blackbelly Lamb – Reservation

  1. Keith Kuhnsman

    Wonderful stuff!
    So I wanted to try something new, but my wife indicated that she did not like lamb. Further questioning revealed she did not like a strong “muttony” taste, so I did some research and found Barbados Blackbelly sheep are reported to have a distinct good lamb flavor, but not a really strong “muttony ” taste. Prefect.
    So I bought a whole lamb and we have been working our way through. Ground, chops, leg, breast, etc. All good and all have passed the taste test for my picky eaters, and mine for some different tastes from the big three of beef, pork, and chicken.
    Delightful! Thanks for offering these hard to find cuts.

    (As an aside, I did not get my Berkshire hog from Ritter, but if you have not tried Berkshire, do. They seem to have more marbling than the standard grocery pigs, and are much more tender and flavorful.)

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